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Providing solutions to overwhelming debt

You have the right to seek relief when you are underwater with overwhelming debts. Jennifer Hoerner has been practicing Bankruptcy in Lexington, Kentucky for over 10 years, and has the knowledge and experience to advise you in all aspects of a potential Bankruptcy.  It is your right to make a fresh start, free from unmanageable debt and irritating creditors.  Contact Jennifer Hoerner to discuss your case.  Phone consultations are always free.

Negotiation of debt relief options

Bankruptcy is not your only option when facing large debts. If it is in your best interests to avoid bankruptcy, Jennifer can work with your creditors to lower your debts and accept fair and reasonable monthly payments.  Jennifer can represent you in Court if you have been sued by your creditors.

Experts in debt analysis

After reviewing your income, debts and other expenses, you will be counseled on the true and total impact that bankruptcy could have on your family, business, home and future credit. If bankruptcy is the right choice for you, Jennifer will fully explain the process and the possible outcomes. You will have all of your questions answered quickly and expertly.

Reprieve through automatic stay

You should not have to endure creditors’ aggressive collection tactics. Once you file a bankruptcy, those harassing phone calls and irksome letters meant to pressure you into paying debts you cannot afford will cease.  As soon as you or your business files for bankruptcy, creditors must immediately stop collections efforts.

If you are currently having your wages or bank accounts garnished, the automatic stay will also put an end to all garnishments once your bankruptcy is filed.

Your Individual bankruptcy options

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: If you and your spouse own few assets and earn relatively low wages, Chapter 7 bankruptcy grants you relief from debts through liquidation of your non-exempt assets.  However, in most cases, your Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions will protect all your personal property from your creditors.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop lenders from taking your home or vehicles through foreclosure or repossession.  It is also the right choice for those who earn too much to qualify for Chapter 7.  Chapter 13 allows you to keep your hard-earned assets and pay debts over time in smaller amounts.  You’ll make payments directly to the Bankruptcy Trustee who distributes them to your creditors.

Contact Jennifer Hoerner, a Bankruptcy attorney who will always fight for your rights.  FREE PHONE CONSULTATIONS.

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